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CHTO Community Facebook Group Guidelines

May 19th, 2017 by Simone Cobb

We at CHTO are super happy to have you in our member’s Facebook Group!

Make sure you read through this post for some awesome tips and resources.

This group is a great place to share your cutting horse experiences, your awesome results using CHTO, get to know other CHTO users, and to share/learn tips and tricks for showing, training, riding and hauling.

In order to foster greater positivity in this group and to ensure the right expectations, we have come up with the following group guidelines below:

  • Keep it positive. Be helpful. Have fun. 🙂
  • Enjoy the opportunity to receive peer-to-peer assistance. Trainers are busy and we will do our best to get a direct answer  to questions however it may not be possible. All members are welcome to answer any questions.
  • No promos (affiliate or personal).
  • Please do not post video, live or otherwise!
  • No seeking of website support. If you have any other questions or concerns, please reach out via the email or call us on 877-395-4888
  • No making rants. Please direct those to the Support team (to those in the company who can actually address your issues properly).
  • No tagging of anyone on the CHTO team (unless you’re reporting a violation you feel they need to see).
  • No negative or “public shaming” posts of any kind (whether of CHTO, its team, or of other group members). They will be deleted and you will most likely be banned.
  • Above all, keep it classy!

In accordance with Facebook Terms of Service 3.2

Duncan’s Video Picks For May

May 16th, 2017 by Simone Cobb

Duncan helps you to cut through the sometimes overwhelming amount of video content on CHTO and highlights a great video you should be sure to watch. This month, Duncan puts the focus on master farrier Wayne (Link) Baumann’s videos about how to keep your horse sound by using x-rays to ensure you shoe each foot on your horse correctly!

Click on the video below to watch. If you’d like to watch Wayne’s videos, you will find the link directly below the video player.

Click HERE to watch Wayne Baumann’s videos on hoof soundness and using x-rays to help.

Duncan’s Picks – Video Of The Month for April!

April 21st, 2017 by Simone Cobb

Duncan’s hot tip for April is to watch Morgan Cromer’s video for a great exercise on improving your cuts. Listen to why he thinks it’s great timing to check it out now by clicking on the video below.

Click HERE to go watch Morgan’s video now!

Tatum Rice Victorious in 2017 Super Stakes Open, Making History

April 16th, 2017 by Simone Cobb

Tatum Rice made history last night when he won the 2017 NCHA Super Stakes open final.

All three generations of the Rice family have now won at least one major title in the famed Will Rogers coliseum. You could easily say the Rices are cutting’s most successful family in the sport.

Tatum rode Hashtags and marked a 220 that couldn’t be beaten.

Tatum told CHTO’s Simone Cobb he had a good feeling coming into the final.

Tatum took home just over $74,ooo for the win, taking his lifetime earnings to more than $1.43-million.

It was a close contest with Clay Johnson clinching Reserve just half a point behind on Melting Snow. James Payne came in third with Hot Revolver on a 219.

Lindy Ashlock Crowned 2017 Super Stakes Non Pro Champion

April 16th, 2017 by Simone Cobb

Lindy Ashlock notched up the top score of the Derby to claim the Non Pro Championship at the 2017 NCHA Super Stakes.

Lindy rode In Reyverse and marked a 222 in the second set to take home just under $40,000.

She told CHTO’s Simone Cobb that the cows made it a tough event overall but she was thrilled with the result.

It was a busy day for Lindy, who after winning the Non Pro, spent the the next two hours preparing her husband’s horse for the Open final.

Lindy has now won more than $1.3-million in lifetime earnings. In Reyverse, a Dual Rey out of Havanna Lights, is now at around $56,000.

Reserve champion went to Brandon Westfall on Laguna Girl by marking 220.5 and Mary Ann Rapp clinched third with Molokai, scoring 219.

Holly Francois Finishes On Top at 2017 NCHA Super Stakes Ltd Non Pro

April 15th, 2017 by Simone Cobb

Holly Francois was elated to win her first major title in the Will Rogers when she took out the limited Non Pro Final at the 2017 NCHA Super Stakes.

Holly, from Murchison, Tx, rode Smart Dual Kat and marked a 217.5, more than 2 points ahead of the field.

Holly, who is married to professional trainer Lee Francois, won more than $11,000, taking her lifetime earnings to $132,000.

She told CHTO’s Simone Cobb she only just purchased the horse before the event and also made the Non Pro finals on it.

Dual Smart Kat is a Dual Smart Rey out of Puddykat.

Becky Galyean on Smooth Little Linda won Reserve with a 215 and Charles Israel came third aboard Twisted Metal marking 213.5.

Joel Colgrove Wins 2017 Super Stakes Amateur Classic

April 12th, 2017 by Simone Cobb

After an exciting four-person run off, Joel Colgrove finished victorious in the Amateur Classic at the 2017 NCHA Super Stakes.

Joel rode Preycious Gem and marked a 220 to beat out Kenny Warner, Jimmy Baros, and Katherine Vanboekel.

All four scored 217 in the final to force the runoff.

Joel told CHTO’s Simone Cobb, despite the extra nerves, he had a lot of fun with the extra run.

All four competitors shared the prize money, each taking home approximately $7,000. By winning the run off, Joel claimed the title, buckle and other prizes.

Rowdy Larson Dominates 2017 NCHA Super Stakes Limited Derby Final!

April 12th, 2017 by Simone Cobb

Rowdy Larson dominated the 2017 Super Stakes Limited Open Final.

Rowdy rode Johnny English to victory scoring a 222 and was Reserve champion aboard Metallic Ina with a solid 217.

Rowdy has now won in excess of $292,000 in lifetime earnings and he spoke to CHTOs Duncan Steele-Park about his first title in the Will Rogers Coliseum.

Blakley Colgrove Claims 2017 NCHA Super Stakes Non Pro Classic

April 12th, 2017 by Simone Cobb

What a day for the Colgrove family! Grandad Joel, won the first final of the day and then his fifteen year old granddaughter Blakley Colgrove won the Classic Non Pro Finals at the 2017 Super Stakes!

Blakley rode her six year old gelding Paradox Cat to victory scoring an impressive 225 winning $17,412, adding to her current lifetime earnings of $539,323.

Blakley spoke to CHTOs Duncan Steele-Park about her win and where she plans to show Paradox Cat, now that he will be out of the aged events at the end of this year.

Traci Burgess won reserve on La Deja Vu with a 223 and Amando Costa Neto came third aboard Watch Me Whip just a half point behind.

Gary Rosenbach Dominates 2017 NCHA Super Stakes Unltd Amateur Final

April 5th, 2017 by Simone Cobb

No stranger to winning in the Will Rogers, Gary Rosenbach has taken out his third major title at the 2017 NCHA Super Stakes.

Gary and Herding Instincts marked a 220.5 to clinch the Unlimited Amateur four year old championship.

He told CHTO’s Simone Cobb, it was only the second time he ever competed on the horse, which he bought at a the Futurity last December.

Jimmy Baros Claims 2017 NCHA Super Stakes Unltd Amateur Classic

April 5th, 2017 by Simone Cobb

Jimmy Baros from Blanco, TX clinched his first major title at the 2017 NCHA Super Stakes Unlimited Amateur Classic in Forth Worth.

Overjoyed with his horse, Two Time Dual, Jimmy marked a 220 to beat out 37 other finalists for the buckle.

He told CHTO’s Simone Cobb that his trainer Grant Setnicka helped make it all happen.

Jessica Feiner Claims 2017 NCHA Ltd Non Pro Classic

April 3rd, 2017 by Simone Cobb

It was an overjoyed Jessica Feiner who won her first major title in the Will Rogers when she placed first in the Limited Non Pro Classic at the 2017 Super Stakes in Fort Worth.

Jessica rode B Nimble to mark a 220, first out in the herd. Jessica bought the horse, by Dual Smart Rey out of Dennys Freckle, at the Breeders Invitational last year. Collecting just under $10,000 for the win, B Nimble has doubled its lifetime earnings, while Jessica’s now come to $156,000.

She told CHTO’s Simone Cobb she was excited to also make the Non Pro Classic finals on the horse, another first for her.

Reserve champion was won by Debbie Day on Ringtime Style scoring 216.5 and third was split three ways between Tracey Woodward on Stylish Look Bella, Hilary Watson aboard Shady Lil CD and Don Smith and his horse, Shes Precious Metal. They all marked a 212.

Beau Galyean Takes Out 2017 NCHA Super Stakes Classic Open

April 2nd, 2017 by Simone Cobb

It was a sweet victory for Beau Galyean, after realizing his goal of winning a second championship in the famed Will Rogers at the 2017 Super Stakes Classic Open Final.

Beau thrilled the crowd aboard Metallic Rebel, marking a 229 to dominate the event by 5 points.

Metallic Rebel is a stallion by Metallic Cat, another successful sire championed by Beau. Metallic Rebel is owned by Thomas Guinn and now won more than $240,000. This win takes Beau’s lifetime earnings to more than $2.9-million.

Beau was the 2008 Futurity winner, the first time he won a buckle at a Triple Crown event.

Beau told CHTO’s Simone Cobb that he had a good feeling coming into the final.

John Mitchell claimed the Reserve buckle on CR Tuff Lucy with a 224 and Wes Galyean and Button Down Supercat picked up third just two points behind.

Hayden Upton Wins 2017 Super Stakes Ltd Open Classic

April 1st, 2017 by Simone Cobb

It all came together for Hayden Upton who claimed his first victory in the Will Rogers when he won the Ltd Open Classic Final at Fort Worth.
Hayden rode Superfly and marked a 222, some 6 points ahead of the field to win.

Hayden took home more than $4,100 for the win, taking his total winnings to $165,000.

Superfly, a 5-year-old gelding by Smooth As A Cat out of Lenas Horn, is owned by Brett and Shaye Johnson. The horse has been trained by Hayden throughout it’s career, with $26,000 in lifetime earnings.
Hayden Spoke with Simone Cobb about how he successfully changed his cow strategy for the final.

Jose Cruz came second on Wild Starz with a 216, while Wes Ashlock claimed third aboard Creyzy Eights just one point behind.

Kate Neubert Drives The Road To The Horse

March 26th, 2017 by Simone Cobb

By Bailey Bryan

Cutting’s Kate Neubert is embarking on the ride of a lifetime as she vies for the coveted World Championship of Colt Starting title in March. Kate is one of five women contestants invited to compete in the annual Road to the Horse (RTTH) at Lexington Kentucky, the first time the event has featured an all-female lineup. Kate will be putting her skills, knowledge and ‘feel’ for a young horse to the test as she takes an untouched 3 year old quarter horse to break in and train in front of a panel of esteemed judges and a crowd of thousands.

“I think this is a unique opportunity and will be a lot of fun,” Neubert said. “The whole event is designed to be educational and entertaining at the same time while [you are] presenting your ideas of horsemanship to people.”

Road To The Horse is a colt starting and horsemanship tournament that began in 2003, boasting such winners as Clinton Anderson, Chris Cox and Craig Cameron. Kate will be up against horsewomen from around the world including High School Rodeo Champion Barbara Cox (married to Chris Cox), two-time NRCHA World Champion Sarah Winters Dawson, clinician and assistant trainer Rachelle Valentine and New Zealand National show jumper, Vicki Wilson.

The event covers three days and consists of 4 rounds beginning with competitors watching and choosing a colt. After selections are made, each individual has two 90-minute training sessions and the finale obstacle course to undertake with the colt. The contestants also have to give a 30-minute clinic where Kate said she plans to promote the skills of the cutting horse. Lastly, the women will get a 3-minute opportunity to wow the crowd with their horsemanship, which Kate is keeping secret until the event.

Kate, who is assistant trainer to Morgan Cromer based in Templeton, CA, grew up on ranches learning how to ride, rope and start horses from renowned horseman and father Bryan Neubert. Bryan himself learned from the legendary Bill Dorrance as well as other icons like Tom Dorrance and Ray Hunt.

Kate said she learned by age 12, while starting her first horse, that preparation and safety is top priority. Kate believes that learning to communicate with the horse and where the horse is at mentally and physically is key to training.

“I don’t have a set pattern for training a horse,” Neubert said. “I try and evaluate how they think, move and learn as well as how does the horse respond and react. If you don’t read that well then you can cross a dangerous line for you and them.”

This year, the judges panel is lined with champion riders, cowboys and equine experts such as: Yvonne Barteau, Jack Brainard, Dr Jim Heird, Suzy Jeane, Cody Lambert and Jeff Williams. Kate’s own accomplishments include winning the 2012 PCCHA Intermediate Open Futurity title and advancing two horses to the semi-finals of the 2014 NCHA Futurity, her first year at the event. Kate has won more than $211,000 in NCHA earnings. Although in the middle of a demanding training schedule, Kate has said she has had to carve out enough time to mentally prepare for the event as well as address what challenges she might face.

I’m really working on my time frame,” Neubert said. “I’m trying to figure out what I can get done and how I can pace myself during the hour-and-a-half first and second day rounds.”

Kate said it will be a high pressure environment with the clock ticking down on an extremely short amount of training time while having to communicate and entertain the crowd.

“Everyone has a mic on,” Neubert said.

“The commentators are pretty good at not jumping in at a critical moment, but to shift focus from talking to them and training will be a bit of a challenge.”

Despite the time restraints, distractions and other factors, Kate is being strategic about one of the most crucial aspects of the event: choosing a colt.

“Everything is new for a horse at that stage,” Neubert said.

“The way the horse moves and thinks as well as which ones seem more agreeable are important. The ones that want to be [trained] and not have as much fear and nervousness from their environment growing up are key.”

Kate says that her love of working with young horses comes from how quickly they learn as well as watching their development.

“Watching them progress right in front of you is fun and rewarding,” Neubert said. “When everything is new to a horse, it is how you present it to the horse. They can handle a lot if you get them trusting you and present a little at a time.”

With the RTTH event set for March 23rd, Kate looks forward to it with both excitement and a few nerves and plans to set some personal goals.

“Hopefully I’ll have a good final round,” Neubert said. “To know you did as good a job as you can do and to get as far as possible.”