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Brian Pearse Claims 2017 NCHA $35,000 Non Pro World Final

December 6th, 2017 by Simone Cobb

With just a few years of cutting under his belt, Brian Pearse claimed the 2017 NCHA $35,000 Non Pro World Championship in Fort Worth. Brian, who is from Alberta, Canada, rode Reyd to claim victory with $10,812 in total earnings.

Brian was Reserve World Champion last year in the $2,000 Limited Rider.

He told CHTO’s Simone Cobb, his trainer Mike Wood has been a great coach.

Kate Neubert Drives The Road To The Horse

March 26th, 2017 by Simone Cobb

By Bailey Bryan

Cutting’s Kate Neubert is embarking on the ride of a lifetime as she vies for the coveted World Championship of Colt Starting title in March. Kate is one of five women contestants invited to compete in the annual Road to the Horse (RTTH) at Lexington Kentucky, the first time the event has featured an all-female lineup. Kate will be putting her skills, knowledge and ‘feel’ for a young horse to the test as she takes an untouched 3 year old quarter horse to break in and train in front of a panel of esteemed judges and a crowd of thousands.

“I think this is a unique opportunity and will be a lot of fun,” Neubert said. “The whole event is designed to be educational and entertaining at the same time while [you are] presenting your ideas of horsemanship to people.”

Road To The Horse is a colt starting and horsemanship tournament that began in 2003, boasting such winners as Clinton Anderson, Chris Cox and Craig Cameron. Kate will be up against horsewomen from around the world including High School Rodeo Champion Barbara Cox (married to Chris Cox), two-time NRCHA World Champion Sarah Winters Dawson, clinician and assistant trainer Rachelle Valentine and New Zealand National show jumper, Vicki Wilson.

The event covers three days and consists of 4 rounds beginning with competitors watching and choosing a colt. After selections are made, each individual has two 90-minute training sessions and the finale obstacle course to undertake with the colt. The contestants also have to give a 30-minute clinic where Kate said she plans to promote the skills of the cutting horse. Lastly, the women will get a 3-minute opportunity to wow the crowd with their horsemanship, which Kate is keeping secret until the event.

Kate, who is assistant trainer to Morgan Cromer based in Templeton, CA, grew up on ranches learning how to ride, rope and start horses from renowned horseman and father Bryan Neubert. Bryan himself learned from the legendary Bill Dorrance as well as other icons like Tom Dorrance and Ray Hunt.

Kate said she learned by age 12, while starting her first horse, that preparation and safety is top priority. Kate believes that learning to communicate with the horse and where the horse is at mentally and physically is key to training.

“I don’t have a set pattern for training a horse,” Neubert said. “I try and evaluate how they think, move and learn as well as how does the horse respond and react. If you don’t read that well then you can cross a dangerous line for you and them.”

This year, the judges panel is lined with champion riders, cowboys and equine experts such as: Yvonne Barteau, Jack Brainard, Dr Jim Heird, Suzy Jeane, Cody Lambert and Jeff Williams. Kate’s own accomplishments include winning the 2012 PCCHA Intermediate Open Futurity title and advancing two horses to the semi-finals of the 2014 NCHA Futurity, her first year at the event. Kate has won more than $211,000 in NCHA earnings. Although in the middle of a demanding training schedule, Kate has said she has had to carve out enough time to mentally prepare for the event as well as address what challenges she might face.

I’m really working on my time frame,” Neubert said. “I’m trying to figure out what I can get done and how I can pace myself during the hour-and-a-half first and second day rounds.”

Kate said it will be a high pressure environment with the clock ticking down on an extremely short amount of training time while having to communicate and entertain the crowd.

“Everyone has a mic on,” Neubert said.

“The commentators are pretty good at not jumping in at a critical moment, but to shift focus from talking to them and training will be a bit of a challenge.”

Despite the time restraints, distractions and other factors, Kate is being strategic about one of the most crucial aspects of the event: choosing a colt.

“Everything is new for a horse at that stage,” Neubert said.

“The way the horse moves and thinks as well as which ones seem more agreeable are important. The ones that want to be [trained] and not have as much fear and nervousness from their environment growing up are key.”

Kate says that her love of working with young horses comes from how quickly they learn as well as watching their development.

“Watching them progress right in front of you is fun and rewarding,” Neubert said. “When everything is new to a horse, it is how you present it to the horse. They can handle a lot if you get them trusting you and present a little at a time.”

With the RTTH event set for March 23rd, Kate looks forward to it with both excitement and a few nerves and plans to set some personal goals.

“Hopefully I’ll have a good final round,” Neubert said. “To know you did as good a job as you can do and to get as far as possible.”

The Excitement of Cutting Cattle For The First Time At The CHTO Chubby Turner Clinic!

May 26th, 2016 by CHTO

How many people do you know have signed up for a cutting horse clinic just six weeks after being introduced to the sport?

How many people do you know cut their first live cattle at a clinic?

It’s a big call to make, but that’s exactly what Terrell Houston did when he attended the Chubby Turner clinic organized by Cutting Horse Training Online at J5 Ranch, Weatherford, Texas.

To say Terrell threw himself into the deep end is an understatement but not only did he swim, he inspired many people with his positive outlook and determination to become a competitive cutter.

With no prior knowledge of or connection to the sport, Terrell refused to let any barriers, like not even owning a cutting horse, stand in his way and went on a mission to learn all he could.

Terrell spoke with CHTO’s Simone Cobb about his experience at the clinic and the journey he’s embarking on into the sport of cutting.

How To Develop A Winning Attitude In Cutting!

February 18th, 2016 by CHTO

Attitude is everything! You may have the best horse and a lot of skill, but if your mind isn’t in the right place, you may as well say goodbye to success.

Not only that, how do you overcome the tough times, or if something goes wrong? It’s all in your perspective says trainer Gavin Jordan. Gavin, who has not only won more than $2-million in earnings himself, has been a caddy to a professional golfer because of his highly effective motivational skills.

Have a listen to some of Gavin’s great advice!

Surrounding yourself with successful people is key to your own success. Imagine watching, listening and learning from the best in cutting 24/7 and what that can do for you achieving your goals? Whether you want to start a colt, make a final, win a weekend cutting or just feel more confident in the show pen, Cutting Horse Training Online can help you do that.

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Turn Your Cutting Horse Dreams Into Achievements!

February 17th, 2016 by CHTO

Have you set your goals for what you’d like to get done in cutting this year?

If the answer is yes – that’s awesome! How are they coming along? Do you need a little help refining them?

If the answer is no, don’t sweat it, you can set goals anytime of the year, like right now! Don’t think that it’s only something you do at the start of the new year. A new year for your goals starts the very day you set them!

Some people get a little uncomfortable when talking about goals because it makes them more accountable. But that’s just the point. It’s the very thing that most often separates those who become successful and those who don’t.

So if you haven’t set your goals yet and are not sure where to start, we’ve put together a video explaining why they are so powerful and exactly how you can do it, to better ensure you stay on track to achieve them using S.M.A.R.T goals.

Click on the video to watch.

Whether you want to haul for a world title, start a colt, win an aged event or score your first 74, the same principals apply. Now that you have more clarity on how to set your S.M.A.R.T goals, we have a great worksheet to help you clarify them, write them down and put them into action step by step.

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Remember, it’s rarely the most talented or the smartest who wins, but the person who continues to learn, who shows up and refuses to quit.

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We want to help make 2016 your best year in cutting yet!

NCHA In Good Hands! Looking Back At 2015 Convention….

December 31st, 2015 by CHTO

Gone are the days of the NCHA Convention being a battle ground for clashing opinions and discontent. Instead there was a spirit of optimism and co-operation felt by members and those on the executive committees alike.

While there were some tough issues up for debate, like rule changes and budget spends, many of those who attended said they felt a lot of progress was made.

In particular, many positive comments made were about the organization’s executive director, Jim Brett Campbell and the direction he was helping to take the sport of cutting.

CHTO spoke to Jim Brett about the convention, and the challenges and opportunities facing the NCHA. He says the NCHA has one overriding goal: to create more opportunities for more people to cut. Jim Brett also added more transparency in the NCHA and advancements in technology were also high on the agenda.

Joe Howard Williamson Wins 4th Non Pro World Championship!

December 30th, 2015 by CHTO

It was a field of top quality contenders vying for the 2015 NCHA Non Pro World Championship, but Joe Howard Williamson proved too strong throughout the series to take out his fourth title.

Joe rode a number of different horses over the year while hauling for the title, but took Sweet Little Cats to the Finals at Fort Worth. He says having to adapt to different horses helped his showmanship immensely.

Joe took home a total of just under $100,000 in earnings for the year. He spoke to CHTO’s Simone Cobb about his win.

Rene Primasing 2015 NCHA World Finals $15,000 Amateur Champ!

December 28th, 2015 by CHTO

Rene Primasing won her first NCHA World title when she took out the $15,000 Amateur Division at the 2015 World Finals in Fort Worth.

Rene rode Malibu Maxx over two go rounds to clinch her victory.

Ed Dufurrena Crowned 2015 NCHA Open Futurity Champion!

December 13th, 2015 by CHTO

Ed Dufurrena rocked the house with Stevie Rey Von to take out the 2015 NCHA Open Futurity Championship in the Will Rogers Coliseum at Fort Worth.

In front of a packed crowd, Ed and his home-bred stud (Metallic Cat x Miss Ella Rey) put in a string of hard stops to mark an impressive 225, some 4 points ahead of reserve champion Lindy Burch.

Ed won $200,000 for his win.

It’s been an extremely successful show all up for the Dufurrena family, with daughter Rieta also winning the Limited Non Pro Futurity on Stevie Rey Von and their horse Purple Reyn named Non Pro Horse Of The Year.

Ed spoke with CHTO’s Simone Cobb saying his win was a dream come true. Watch his run below!

Lindy Burch scored a 221 on Bet Shes Smooth to win $88,126, while Jesse Lennox and Kody Porterfield tied for third with a 217.5. They rode Rockin Sallycat and This Isa Third respectively and each took home $71,280.

Barbara Brooks Claims First Futurity Title – 2015 NCHA Unlimited Amateur Champion!

December 13th, 2015 by CHTO

It may have taken 15 years of dedication to pull off a win in the Will Rogers Coliseum but the taste of victory is just as sweet!

Barbara Brooks and Smash Mouse scored a 220 to win the Unlimited Amateur National Cutting Horse Association Futurity last Thursday night.

Smash Mouse is a home-bred horse by her sire Cat A Rey and out of Boonbay Smash. Barbara, who was the 2014 NCHA President, took home more than $9,000 for her win.

Watch Barbara’s run and listen to the trials and tribulations she has endured to pursue this dream. She told CHTO’s Simone Cobb how tweaking became her secret weapon to regain her winning form!

Barney Mac Smith Proudly Takes Out The 2015 NCHA $50,000 Amateur World Final

December 11th, 2015 by CHTO

Barney Mac Smith over came some tough months on the road this year to end up victorious in the 2015 NCHA World Finals.

Barney and his mare One Red Mist held the lead to become the $50,000 Amateur Champions at Fort Worth.

Barney won a total of more than $42,000 throughout the year and the finals. He spoke with CHTO’s Simone Cobb about his win.

Michelle LeMaster Clinches 2015 NCHA $15,000 Novice/Non Pro Championship

December 10th, 2015 by CHTO

It was a tight race, but nerves failed to stop Michelle LeMaster dominating in the 2015 NCHA World Finals.

Michelle rode El Gato Bonito to victory in the $15,000 Novice/Non Pro Championship, taking home a total more than $42,000.

Michelle, who came second in the Finals average spoke to CHTO’s Simone Cobb about her year on the road.

Casey Crouch Crowned NCHA $5,000 Novice World Champion

December 10th, 2015 by CHTO

After a year-long jostle for first place between the top two competitors in the NCHA $5,000 Novice World Title, it was Casey Crouch from Texas who finally clinched the buckle on finals night at Fort Worth.

Casey and Twistin At The Roxie finished on top of the standings, earning almost $42,000 for the year, just $106 ahead of reserve champion Dusty Nelson on Rue Du Ichi.

Casey came into the finals in the lead but dropped to second after the first go.

Casey was elated and emotional about the win, telling CHTO’s Simone Cobb it was a bit of a surprise at the very end…..

Marilyn Jo Franz Claims First Futurity Buckle On Home Bred Horse!

December 9th, 2015 by CHTO

Twenty six years of persistence and passion finally paid off for Marilyn Jo Franz when she won the 2015 NCHA Amateur Futurity Final in Fort Worth.

Marilyn marked a 217 aboard Hawks Desire, a horse she bred by EBR Kitty Hawk out of Tina Bars Annie to beat out a large field of 30 competitors.

Marilyn, from Stillwater, Oklahoma, won more than $9,000 to take her total earnings to just under $100,000.

She told CHTO’s Simone Cobb it was a dream come true, made more special by having her nephew, Alex Franz compete in the same final on a horse also by her stud, EBR Kitty Hawk.

Top Honors For Rieta Dufurrena In the NCHA Ltd Non Pro Futurity Final

December 9th, 2015 by CHTO

Consistency won the day and the champion’s check for Rieta Dufurrena, who took out the Limited Non Pro Final at the 2015 NCHA Futurity in Fort Worth.

Rieta marked a 220 on Stevie Rey Von, the pair’s third such score at the show to wrap up the win. They competed against a field of 30 finalists and took home $9,426 for the title.

Peter Shumack of Australia and Fair Lady Flash, by Purdy Boy Flash out of Ristos Fair Lady, earned the Reserve title with a 217.5

Rieta spoke to CHTO’s Simone Cobb about the thrill of winning….

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