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Kobie Wood – Part 1: Keeping Their Feet To The Fire

February 19th, 2019 by Nevada Huffman

Positioning your horse with the cow is one of the most important things when it comes to cutting. It’s a challenge to all cutters, and one that Hall of Fame Rider Kobie Wood can help you with.

Wood has won more than $5.3 Million in the show pen, and holds an impressive five World Champion titles. His most recent success came after campaigning Cool N’ Hot, one of the industry’s hottest young sires, to become the 2018 NCHA Open Horse of The Year.

CHTO was excited to add Wood to our featured trainer line up on the website. In his popular video series, one of his most important tips is how to position your horse with the cow.

“I don’t like to cut a cow straight up,” Wood said. “I like to cut a cow parallel if it’s at all possible. That way I get my horse [to] where he’s not standing still, and then I want him to find his way in there.”

“Position is everything and that’s all I want to do is get positioned so they can’t beat me,” said Wood.

One of Wood’s main goals when working a horse is getting them to stop where he asks them to, and to keep them free and willing while listening to his feet. Before working cows, he works the freshness off them on the flag.

His next step is “keeping their feet to the fire.” “A lot of [those] horses you let them go over there and stop and they just get to where they don’t come out of there and get ahold of the cow. Well, I want him stopping, backing up and wondering where he’s going next. I don’t want him to blow off and get back off the cow. I want to hold his feet [and] hold that cow,” explained Wood.

During this demonstration on the video, Wood didn’t have turn-back help. When asked why, he explained it as a training tool. “Turn-back help can make you or hinder you. At the cuttings with our cows today, those guys [have to] get outside and just kind of show that cow back to me. I don’t like that when I’m working a young horse or just trying to get the edge off. I want just this.”

“The other thing it created is you get to do more.” “You get to work both sides of the cow” he explained. “I don’t have to stay on the inside of the cow. I can work the outside of a cow working like this and then when it tightens down I can stay to the inside [of the cow].”

Wood described how turn-back help can take away from the cow, and tend to make it unnatural.

Kobie Wood on Cool N Hot

“There was nobody hindering what the cow was thinking and if you can cut a cow and nobody hinders that thinking, you can get a lot more out of it with it not being scared, [and] you could work a lot longer and you can usually get [closer to] the winner’s circle.”

“I train a horse for the feel of what I need him to do,” Wood said. “You can’t just write it down on a piece of paper.”

Watch the entire video of Kobie Wood on 

From Orphan To World Champion – Bob Acre Doc

February 18th, 2019 by Simone Cobb

We love legends! None more so than the cutting horse kind. One of the foundational aspects of the sport is its historical champions.

The stallion Bob Acre Doc wasn’t supposed to be a champion. In fact, he wasn’t even bred with high expectations of becoming a prestigious title holder.

The mare he was out of didn’t have a long list of accomplishments. Sapps Sandy wasn’t even a

Bob Acre Doc & Sam Wilson

cutting mare. E.R. Broussard (also known as Bobbie), of Louisiana, bought the mare as a ranch horse. It wasn’t until the mare was 16, when Broussard decided it was time to breed her.

Broussard wasn’t known for breeding horses. It was a venture he and his son Robbie set out on as he and his wife got older. They decided to breed Sapps Sandy to Son Of A Doc. Sam Wilson of Pattinson, Texas who trained Bob Doc Acre said Broussard didn’t really have any reasoning for the choice of stallion. With Son Of A Doc being one of the top ranked cutting sires at the time, it turned out to be one of the best, and luckiest decisions the family ever made.

On March 1st, 1981, Bob Acre Doc was born. Not long after, Sappy San passed away leaving the new foal an orphan. Wilson said the Broussards raised him up in the backyard where he would eat off the table as if he was part of the family.

Due to his rough start in life, many people were unsure if “Bob” would make anything of himself. It was only fitting for him to go into training with Wilson, who owned, raised, and trained his father, Son Of A Doc. The Broussards believed if anyone could make something out of Bob, it would be Wilson. According to Wilson, the world was still a little wary of Bob’s potential to become a great cutting horse.

Wilson never doubted that Bob Acre Doc had the ability to be something special since he was a son of one of his all-time favorites.

Bob Acre Doc during his retirement.

“That horse thought he was a human,” Wilson said. “I turned him out one time in a pasture with some mares and he just stood there and looked at the gate,” he chuckled.

Bob Acre Doc went on to be a star, as well as a record setter in the NCHA. In 1991, Wilson and Bob showed their way to the top to become the NCHA Open World Champions. It was all history in the making from there.

When asked to describe what Bob was like to haul, Wilson said, “He was great. He never caused any trouble, as long as you treated him right and kept him happy.”

During the year that he hauled, Bob Acre Doc was sold by the Broussard Family to Susan Cardwell. She then hauled him for the Non-Pro World Finals the following year.

Bob Acre Doc & Sam Wilson

Bob Acre Doc went on to win multiple AQHA and NCHA titles. After earning $381,000, his show career ended and he was sold to Slate River Ranch at Weather- ford, TX where he retired. Shortly after that he died at age 20. Wilson said he believed that Bob mourned not having a job and missed his cutting team.

His offspring went on to win over $4.5 million in the NCHA and $30,000+ in the NRHA. One of his own sons, Laker Doc is still standing at EE Ranches. He was born in 1992, and has earned over $183,000 in his show career.

The RealCow Training System

February 18th, 2019 by Simone Cobb

With a degree in Biosystems Engineering from Clemson University, an old remote control car and four years of tweaking, Billy Weir developed the RealCow Training System, which does everything but moo and poop!

Like all good inventions, Realcow was born out of necessity. A cutting horse trainer based in South Carolina, Weir had used almost every type of mechanical cow on the market, but said they were limited and he needed something better.

“Where I live it’s hard to get a good supply of cattle,” Weir said. “English-bred cattle are slow moving and hard to train a horse on and I wanted to make a machine that would make up for the slack.”

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Austin Shepard DVD, Get To The Winners Circle

January 16th, 2019 by nikki garrett

To win in the sport of Cutting, you need to have a trained cow horse! Six-million dollar winner Austin Shepard is the man to teach you how to do this. Buy his DVD to learn how to teach your horse to work a cow. Click here to purchase your own DVD Now! 



Paul Hansma & Matt Gaines DVD Part 2

January 16th, 2019 by nikki garrett

Roger Wagner DVD “Hip To Be Square”

January 16th, 2019 by nikki garrett

He’s the trainer’s trainer. He’s the man who got everyone in cutting thinking about perfecting their technique and making it look pretty! Now find out how to do it on Roger Wagner’s popular DVD “Hip To Be Square”. Check it out below and get your own copy by clicking here.

Matt Gaines and Paul Hansma DVD Pt 1

January 16th, 2019 by nikki garrett

Hookin’ Up with Lloyd Cox DVD!

January 16th, 2019 by nikki garrett

Check out one of the most talented trainers in the industry – Lloyd Cox – giving insight to his training program on his DVD Hookin’ Up. He works 3, 4 and 5 yr olds, showing the difference on a finished product to how you want your 3yr olds looking when it’s time to show. Get a sneak peek below and grab your very own copy by clicking here.

Trainer’s Corner: Hugh Miles

January 14th, 2019 by Nevada Huffman

Hugh Miles

 Hugh Miles is one of Australia’s hottest young trainers in two disciples, Cutting and Campdrafting, having won titles and made open finals in both sports. He also runs a thriving breeding business and always has his fingers on the pulse of the next big thing in popular blood lines. Hugh was recently in the States competing in the NCHA Futurity as a catch rider and looking for sale horses. 

Simone: You really established your business pretty much straight out of school. What was it that really helped you to start making a name for yourself? 

Hugh: I realized you got to have really good quality horses. You’ve got to be a step above everybody. To have the advantage, you’ve got to have the good horses, and you’ve got to go that extra mile to find them and you got to do the extra homework. And to sell those horses, you know, before you do any work on them as yearlings and foals, they’ve got to be bred differently. They got to have something different that stands you apart from everybody else.

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Get Your Barn Humming – Work Flow Tips For 2019

January 14th, 2019 by Nevada Huffman


Duncan interviewing Kellee

Does every step you take around the barn have purpose? Do you have an efficient work flow? Does your staff know what they should be doing at any time of the day? Do you have a maintenance schedule, a vet schedule, an organized work space? Do things get put back after use? These are simple questions that can have a huge impact on how efficient your day to day operation is! 

We recently visited Slate River Ranch in Weatherford, Texas. Slate River is one of the most recognized cutting operations in our industry. Barn manager, Kellee Clarke, has been with Slate River for 9 years. She walked us through her routines that help keep everything organized and everyone on track. 

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Member Spotlight: Julie Clarke

January 14th, 2019 by Nevada Huffman


Julie Clarke

Julie Clarke is the owner of Clarke Butte Ranch of Bend, Oregon. She has always had a passion for horses, which is what she claims to be the foundation for her breeding success at Clarke Butte Ranch. 

Julie retired from a corporate career and found her fascination with the cutting discipline. She was trained by NCHA Hall of Fame Member Phil Hanson Jr. who was also the trainer to some of her most successful horses that stand at Clarke Butte Ranch. Little Silver Belles, with LTE of $200,431.68, was one of those, along with Pounce who has LTE of $217,585.59. 

Julie continues to show cutting horses in the non pro division and trains with Morgan Cromer and Eric Wisehart. 

 Why Julie likes CHTO: “CHTO is a great, quick resource to find training and showing tips from respected professionals in our industry who have similar but different points of views. It’s my go-to gift for fellow cutters!”

Climbing To The Top – Kody Porterfield

December 18th, 2018 by Nevada Huffman

Kody during his winning run at the Futurity. Photo Credit: Quarter Horse News

He’s a gentle giant making a name for himself in the hallowed Will Rogers Coliseum! Kody Porterfield won his second Limited Open Futurity title in Fort Worth when he rode Cat Gethr and marked a 223.

“It feels great. It feels real good,” he said humbly.

It’s been a big year for trainer Kody Porterfield. He notched up a win in the PCCHA Intermediate Open Classic Challenge, purchased his own training facility near Weatherford TX and of course capped off the year with his Limited Futurity buckle. He also made the Open Futurity Semi Finals on the same horse.

Kody won his first Limited Futurity title in 2015 aboard This Isa Third with a 222. To put Kody’s success into perspective, he more than doubled his earnings with his first win in the Will Rogers three years ago taking home almost $17,000. Since then, the 29 year old trainer has earned approximately $265,000.

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Member Spotlight – Justin Cox

December 18th, 2018 by Nevada Huffman

Justin Cox

Justin is a Utah native. Horses haven’t always been apart of his life.

A friendly neighbor got him “hooked on a cow.” For the last three years Cutting has been a part of Justin’s life.

This past year has been especially exciting for Justin. He was awarded the Rookie of the year award in Montana. He was also the end of the year $2,000 limited rider Champion in Utah.

He credits a horse that he bought at the beginning of this year named Rocky. He has gotten him to where he’s at in his career today.

Why Justin Uses CHTO: “I can always go home after a live lesson and research tips I was given. I don’t have to ask questions, I feel like I can always find the answers on here.”

In The Judge’s Seat – Grooming The Next Generation

December 18th, 2018 by Nevada Huffman

Judging Contestants Judge a Live Class – Photo Credit: NCHA

While most cutters were focused on the exciting horseversus- cow action in the Will Rogers Coliseum at the Futurity, the NCHA was also working to hone the skills and knowledge of the next generation of judges and competitors at the annual Judging Contest. This is the third year that the NCHA has hosted this contest, but the first year that the organization opened it up to more than just collegiate teams, with many high school students also competing. Colleges, FFA teams, and 4-H teams traveled from all over the US to show off their judging prowess. Each judging contestant is required to complete a rule book test, a penalty clip test, and score two sets of 10 cutting runs.

The top 10 individuals in each division were placed in a designated area and allowed to judge one day of the World Finals. They scored them just as a regular judge would, and were awarded points based on how close they were to the official scores given by the actual judges.

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“Making Futurity Champions” Ronnie and Tag Rice DVD

December 7th, 2018 by Simone Cobb

They’ve won four Futurities and a Triple Crown Championship between them. Cutting is in their blood. Ronnie and his son Tag Rice have been extremely successful in producing Futurity winners and they share their expertise with you on their popular DVD. Check it out watching the video clip here and grab your copy or one as a gift now by clicking here.

Grab My Copy Now

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