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Member Spotlight- Alisha Southworth

August 9th, 2019 by Sophia Skeith

Alisha Southworth & Metallic Maria Rey

Alisha Southworth grew up in Ohio on a farm where horses have always been a part of her life. She started cutting in the 90’s and fell in love with it.

After her son Conner took an interest in cutting in 2017, she found herself back on a cutting horse. It was then that they decided to move to the Cutting Horse Capital of the World, Weatherford, Texas.

“We moved here because of cutting and our love for Texas,” Southworth said. “My husband had lived here before so we have always loved Texas.”

Southworth currently has a six year old Metallic Cat mare, Metallic Maria Ray that she has been showing under the guidance of Randy Chartier.

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Trainer’s Corner – Chris Johnsrud

August 9th, 2019 by Sophia Skeith

Chris Johnsrud

Chris Johnsrud has won in excess of $831,000 and has been training for the public out of Weatherford, Texas for the last nine years. He was born and raised on a ranch in North Dakota.

How did you get started in cutting?

“My aunt and uncle are the first ones who got me started in cutting horses. They owned a couple and and I rode them and they’re kind of what got me started in cutting.”

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Cutting In The Holy Land!

August 9th, 2019 by Sophia Skeith

Sarig Brosh Cutting

Who would have thought, in a country barely the size of New Jersey and located in the Middle East, that there is a flourishing performance horse scene that even includes a cutting group which shows five times a year?

Sarig Brosh has been training horses for over 20 years. His student, Yafit Junker, has been riding horses for six years.

“I took my first riding lesson six years ago, and about a year later I was brought to Brosh to make him laugh….I find cutting as addictive and progressive. I started with a frequency of once a week and very soon it became my everyday routine,”  Junker said.

Junker purchased a horse and very soon one horse turned into three and now Junker is a lifer in all things horses and a cutter to boot.

Her trainer Brosh spent two years in the United States learning about training horses. One year of that was spent breaking colts and roping, and another year learning to train cutting horses from Terry Harlen from Texas.

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Jody McGlothlin Takes Classic Challenge Limited Non Pro Championship

July 18th, 2019 by Sophia Skeith

Congratulations to Jody McGlothlin and Somethingtobelievein (or “Kate”) on their win with a 222. With a check of $7,801 the mare’s earnings are well over $230,000.  At six years old, it’s Kate’s last run in the Big House! Way to finish with a bang!  Also, we would like to wish Brett and “Kate” good luck in the Open World Finals.


Thomas Bray Secures Limited Open Classic Challenge at Summer Spectacular

July 15th, 2019 by Simone Cobb

The 2019 NCHA Summer Spectacular in Fort Worth is underway and the first cab off the rank to secure a title was Thomas Bray aboard Im Highly Decorated in the Limited Open Classic Challenge.

An up and coming trainer from Rosenberg. TX, Bray notched his first major championship, taking his earnings past the $100,000 mark.

He scored a 221.5 on 6-year-old Im Highly Decorated, bred and owned by Norda and Jim Berger, Simonton, TX.

My Beach My Wave under Dylan Meyer and Lonnie Earl beneath and Troy Riddle, tied for reserve with 219 points.

Tara Stark Real Estate Group

July 15th, 2019 by nikki garrett

“Making a Difference by Delivering Reliable Results Through Integrity, Knowledge and Experience!”  This is the mission of Tara Stark Real Estate Group.

Through years of advocating for her clients, Tara Stark walked them through many transitions; as one chapter closed, Stark equipped them for their new calling. Her expertise fueled repeat referrals, growing her business to a level that created an opportunity to build her business with like-minded professionals. With Stark’s business acumen and diligence to high standards, she skillfully built a team, the Tara Stark Real Estate Group. Together, they embody the perfect alignment of mission, vision, and values that is client-focused.

At Tara Stark Real Estate Group, they know that moving is more about a life change than a change of address. They understand that it is an opportunity for the team to walk alongside you, to aid you in achieving your real estate objectives, and to provide an unparalleled experience. Tara and her team combine our in-depth market knowledge with powerful negotiation skills to produce results that achieve your goal. Experts in luxury estates, equestrian facilities, recreational ranch, and residential properties, their commitment to your dream is unwavering. Check out her latest listings:  Tara Stark Real Estate Group Facebook! 

Tara’s devotion to the equine industry runs deep as horses have always been at the heart of her family. Tara proudly supports the NCHA and the cutting horse discipline. She truly is an expert in farm and ranch real estate, as she understands exactly what clients need and want for selling their property, or finding the perfect equine facility.

“To be the most trusted real estate team of choice in North Texas” is their vision. Tara has been consistently recognized for award-winning numbers in residential, luxury estate and land & ranch sale.

“It’s not the awards of numbers that drive us, it’s the achievement of your goals and dreams, that define success.” Tara explains.

Tara Stark Real Estate Group proudly states, “Making a Difference is our standard of excellence. We thank our clients for entrusting us with your real estate needs for more than fifteen years.”

Learn More Even More, Visit:

Call or Email Tara Today: 817-266-2816 



Member Spotlight – Karl Jenkins

July 5th, 2019 by Sophia Skeith

Karl Jenkins isn’t a stranger to hard work. Jenkins spent 46 years building a successful Chevrolet Dealership in Wapakoneta, Ohio which didn’t allow too much time for indulging his passion for horses. However, after retiring 3 years ago, Karl could pursue cutting horses to the full extent.

“It’s nice being retired. The days go by fast, but it sure is great being able to spend that time with my horses all day,” said Jenkins.

Jenkins has been in the saddle ever since he was 10 years old, running barrels and poles. In college, he got his first taste of cutting.

“Shorty Freeman let me turn back for him, and I was hooked,” Jenkins said. In his late 50’s, Jenkins purchased a very special horse, a daughter to Freckles Play Boy, Betty’s Little Freckles rose to the top time and time and time again. The duo never placed below second in any show they competed.
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Trainer’s Corner: James Payne

July 5th, 2019 by Sophia Skeith

From Overbook, Oklahoma, James Payne has been operating his ranch and training for the public out of his own facility since 2008. After a long line of training reining horses for Dick Piper, he eventually fell in love with the cutting industry with the help of the Pipers and the spectacular horse Playgun!

Payne’s persistent attitude is what drives him to continue his hard work ethic in the pen. No-one would ride more horses every day than this gritty trainer. His primary training philosophy is to, “Be there everyday and grind, with a lot of repetition,”.

This is evident in his impressive results. James has been a multi NCHA Futurity Finalist, as well the 2012 NCHA Super Stakes Reserve Champion, the 2012 and 2014 NCHA Summer Spectacular Classic Champion, 2018 NCHA Summer Spectacular Open Classic CHAMPION riding PG Heavily Armed and the 2018 NCHA OPEN WORLD FINALS AGGREGATE CHAMPION on PG HEAVILY ARMED, to name some of many titles.
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Barn Blindness – Are You A Sufferer?

July 5th, 2019 by Sophia Skeith

If you’ve ever bred or even owned a horse, then there’s a good chance you may have contracted this alarming disease at some point. It knows no racial, ethnic or religious boundaries. Early symptoms include excessive grooming of your horse, and constantly posting pictures on social media of every “cute” and “adorable” angle of said animal/s.

It can quickly develop into a chronic condition when most of your waking hours are spent comparing your horse/s to all others only to find all others wanting.

The disorder can even progress to its most acute stage when you believe judges are unfairly penalizing your horse if it doesn’t achieve the score you think it should have and you become highly sensitive to any comments about your horse that are not superlatives, especially by trainers (cause what do they know?)

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Get Coached With Matt Gaines

July 1st, 2019 by Simone Cobb

Eight-million-dollar trainer Matt Gaines is a big believer in coaching. It’s why he and other leading trainers go to each other’s ranches to work horses: to learn from each other and pick up on things they may not be seeing or feeling themselves.

In fact, our featured trainers make use of CHTO videos to keep abreast of what other trainers are doing, so they are not left behind and to help stay competitive. It’s also why he likes to give clinics. Simply put, coaching produces success!

It’s why all professional sports have coaches as Gaines has repeatedly pointed out, cutting is no different.

“I can look back over my career and there has been numerous times when I have felt out of sync or my own program doesn’t feel right. I will call people who I know share the same theory of cutting and same basis of the program,” Matt explained.He tells how his experience with contacting other trainers, such as Paul Hansma or John Mitchell, in times of need has helped him realize the small training habits that may need to be tweaked. In Gaines opinion, that one adjustment can be the catalyst for lots of improvements to come.
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Pulse Vet

June 26th, 2019 by nikki garrett

Pulse Veterinary Technologies, LLC (commonly referred to as PulseVetis a worldwide   leader in extracorporeal shock wave technology and is committed to only the highest standards in quality and innovation. Here at CHTO, we have partnered with PulseVet because of their remarkable technology that is trusted by veterinarians across the globe. Top veterinarians and rehabilitation facilities know there is only one choice to speed healing when it matters most and PulseVet fills that bill!

The company is focused on providing only clinically-tested and proven solutions through a line of successful products that are the best in the industry. The ProPulse, VersaTron, and VersaTron 4 Paws (for our canine companions), have all been created with superior technology to better serve vets across the globe and ensure the comfort and care of our animals.  With a reputation as the authority on veterinary shock wave, PulseVet understands the importance of bringing the best products and service to the industry. Imitated, yet never matched, PulseVet is uncompromising when the health of animals is at stake.

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Member Spotlight- Aaron Ralston

June 4th, 2019 by Sophia Skeith
Aaron Ralston

Aaron Ralston

Aaron Ralston is an accomplished reined cow horse trainer with an extensive list of achievements in multiple disciplines. Ralston grew up on a cattle ranch in Colorado where he learned the traditions of the working ranch cowhand. He has competed in team roping, and bronc riding, and trained under NRHA Futurity Champion, Doug Milholland.

In 2002, Ralston began his own journey building Ralston Ranch with his wife Meg. Now, they dedicate their time to training Reined Cow Horses. Ralston’s search for knowledge has led him to compete in the “Worlds Greatest Horseman” for the past 4 years.

“My personal goal is to continue to compete in the “Worlds Greatest Horseman 10 years in a row. I get the opportunity to surround myself with horseman that are better than me. The hope is; that I can come out of this extremely knowledgeable and to pass that on.” Ralston said.

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Trainer’s Corner – Tommy Marvin

June 4th, 2019 by Sophia Skeith

Tommy MarvinMoney Won: $2,202,721

Titles/Finals: 2005 NCHA Open Futurity Champion on Highbrows Supercat,

2 x Arbuckle Mountain Open Derby Champion on CP Jesse Cat and MK Reymate

1990 NCHA Derby Reserve Champion on Hickorys Prescription.

Top Three Horses Trained:

Highbrow Super Cat, CP Jesses Cat, and Catsa Movin

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Russell McCord- A Quest For Fairness

June 4th, 2019 by Sophia Skeith

Being judged is always emotional, even when you choose to be judged in the name of competition. Subjective sports are often rife with controversy, because let’s face it, everyone has an opinion. Cutting is no exception.

Judging only works when there is a clearly understood system governed by rules, enacted by experts, and most importantly, is delivered consistently. You could say, this has been the overriding mission of Russell McCord for more than 30 years!

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How To Read A Judge’s Card

June 4th, 2019 by Sophia Skeith

Brought to you by Cole Agency Insurance

The card explains what the judge looks for, what the marks mean, and how many points are penalized for different infractions or awarded. Much of this is subjective based on the style of horse the judge prefers and that is why it is extremely show smart to look at the judge’s cards at each show before you compete. This allows you to see exactly what they are awarding and deducting points for at that show.

➤ Different judges have different styles of using the marks. You may see a box with 3 +’s in it, that just tells that judge he wants to give more than 1 point on that cow or run. NCHA Judges Card      ✔ does not add or subtract any points, ✔+ adds ½ point, + adds 1 point, ✔- subtracts ½ point, and, – subtracts 1 point

➤ Some judges will use a little + or a big + to determine a higher score. The point is, don’t try to calculate the score literally. Each judge’s sheet is based on his or her educated opinion of how well or how poorly the run was performed.

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