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Our learning library of the best cutting horse videos online is comprised of major categories with multiple (and growing) sub-categories. Here’s an outline of our top-level categories to give you an idea of what’s in store!


Kenny Platt showing how to train a 3 year old in cutting horse performance
In our Cutting Horse Training section, we offer an extensive selection of How-To videos on everything cutters, from beginners to experts, need. Learn tips on rewarding your horse, how to train and work buffalo, how to watch a cow, how to work three-year-olds on flags and cattle, and more. From calming a hot tempered horse to performing under pressure, the tips to up your score can be found in this section.
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Morgan Cromer in the ring for cutting horse training
Have you ever wondered what judges are looking for, or what makes a good cut great? Judges and top cutting horse trainers share tips in our Showing section, where you can learn lessons on the flag, learn the secrets to settling cows, get tips on how to sit on a cutter, and learn new ways to control the cow. From pre-Futurity prep to NCHA Finals, you’ll master the top training tips to show with the best.
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Horse Care

Dr. Gayle Trotter discusses farriers and soundness
In our Horse Care section, you’ll find great information on a range of horse-health categories, such as Grooming, Nutrition, Rehab and more. Learn what we should be feeding our horses from world-leading experts in equine nutrition. Learn about preventing hock issues, the skinny on probiotics, how to read hoof x-rays and best practices in shoeing.
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Outside The Arena

Gary Bellenfont discusses the history of cutting horse training
The CHTO Live team gets up close and personal in engaging interviews with personalities throughout the cutting horse world. Tour ranches, get tack tips, and hear lore about cutting horse performances with this glimpse into the stories and the glory of the cutting horse culture.
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