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Sign up now to take your training and showing skills to the next level. is a unique opportunity to further your education by watching streamed videos on your desktop, tablet or mobile device. It’s like having a ‘private coach’ right in your pocket – or attending a full day educational seminar every month – all for one low price!

Silver - “I'm Just Warming Up”
Gold - “I'm A Serious Contender”
Platinum - “That Buckle Is Mine”


You’ll Receive:

  • Access to countless streaming training videos featuring both local and internationally renowned talent
  • Six new videos added monthly
  • Information about the latest tips, tricks, and secrets on training and showing
  • A video library with educational content for beginner cutters to professional trainers
  • The opportunity to watch, listen and learn from some of the world’s most elite experts, trainers and judges, all on a single site again and again
  • Content including equine health, equipment, facilities, products, horsemanship and much more
  • Resources such as articles, interviews and links to further your educational experience and enjoyment of the cutting horse world


Membership Comparison: Which Plan Is Right for YOU?

  • Access To Entire Video Library 24/7
  • Suggested Video List For Your Skill Level
  • Podcast Download Avail for 7 Days
  • Members Only Newsletter – digital version
  • Members Only Discounts
  • Earn As You Learn! – Earn credits just by being a member, watching videos and referring new members!
  • All Silver Features
  • 2 Free Get Coached! Video critiques a year* Plus a 35% discount on further Get Coached! videos.
  • Goal Setting Tools
  • 5% Discount on Clinics after 3 months of paid membership
  • 5% Discount on CHTO Products
  • Lifetime Access to Podcasts
  • Mailed Members Only Newsletter
  • Monthly Mailed Audio CD


insider-knowledge_600x600Insider’s Knowledge

Benefit directly from the hundreds of years of combined experience and skills of the sport’s top professionals. Our video library is vast, more than 400 videos can be accessed by all members at their fingertips anytime, anywhere. Nowhere else has such valuable knowledge of cutting been made available to riders and enthusiasts the world over. No matter what challenge or issue you may be facing with your training, showing or riding, you will find many solutions from those who have gone through it before. Not only that, we feature many entertaining and fun videos such as interviews with legends of the sport, youth cutting, feel good stories and event highlights, as well as handy advice and tips on horse health, tack, winning the mind game and much, much more.


earn-credits_600x600Earn Credits

You can essentially make money just by being a member! We want to encourage members to get the most out of our site and reward you for doing so. The longer you are a member, the more credit points you earn. Not only that, each time you login and watch videos, you earn points. Anytime you refer a member, you earn points. The higher level of member you are, the more points you earn. Credits can be used on any purchases such as Get Coached! (our personalized virtual coaching service), clinics, DVD’s or merchandise sold in our CHTO online store. Talk about value for money!


get-coached_600x600Get Coached!

This is our exciting personal coaching program we offer to all members the world over. Using video, you can have one of our world-class trainers personally coach you on your training, riding and showing. Simply video yourself riding or showing, upload it to our site. Then the trainer of your choice will add his voice over, comments and notes to your video to advise and assist your development. You will then be able to watch the video over and over to make those improvements. Never before has getting one-on-one coaching from the sport’s elite totally tailored to you ever been easier no matter where you live! Gold Members get two free video critiques a year for every 6 months of membership and can purchase more with a 35% discount. Platinum members get four video critiques a year for every 3 months of membership and a 50% discount for further video critiques. This will revolutionize your improvement in the sport!



We want to deliver even more content to you in new and diverse ways. We have added a monthly podcast for members which will feature in-depth interviews on a variety of topics such as ways to money in cutting, running an equine business, trainer interviews, member spotlights, and much more. Have your burning questions answered by the experts. All Podcasts will be downloadable to listen on your phone, in the car, on your horse, etc. Silver members will have access for 7 days, while Gold and Platinum will have lifetime access.

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