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Preview: How To Use Your Feet And Why, With Winston Hansma

Winston explains why we tend to use our feet more today as competitors than in the earlier days of cutting. He also demonstrates what the two main functions are of your cow side leg and where to place your legs so the horse can understand clearly what you want.

Categories: Showing, Beginners.
Part 1
In part one Winston explains how and why riding with your feet has changed over the years. He also demonstrates where to place your legs to help the horse understand and the two things your cow side leg should be doing.
Part 2
Winston demonstrates on the flag how to use your legs and where to place them so you can change the angle of your horse.
Part 3
In part three Winston shows you how to use your hands to help your horse understand the transititon to rely more on your feet to guide your horse.
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How I got started: We did all of the 4H stuff and it was a progression of disciplines until I started working a horse on a cow and knew that’s what I wanted to do. Biggest mistake I’ve made in cutting: That I didn’t haul enough for the world in 2005.
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