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Preview: How Water Treadmills And Spas Keep Horses Sound!

Premier Equine Veterinary Services are at the cutting edge of rehabilitation and the prevention of soreness in our cutting horses. Cross training is vital to any athletes program and we tend to ignore it in our discipline. Dr Rhoads lets us into his state of the art practice explaining how and why these machines are necessary for the longevity of your horse’s show career.

Part 1
Professional athletes cross train weekly to keep themselves fit and healthy. Dr Rhoads explains how and why Water Treadmills benefit a horse's core strength and helps rehabilitate injured horses.
Part 2
Thera Plates are becoming very popular in training barns and Dr Rhoads explains how they rehabilitate. He also explains why heat lamps help relax the back muscles and he shares a great story about one horse that has had an amazing recovery by using the Treadmill.
Part 3
Metallic Rebel has spent a lot of time in a Spa! Dr Rhoads explains why they benefit a horse and when you should Spa a horse whilst they are in work.
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