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Age: 39
From: Weatherford, TX
Phone: (417) 331-9679

Michael Cooper

Money Won



  • NCHA Futurity Finalist x 6
  • Super Stakes Gelding Champion x 3
  • Multiple Aged Event Finalist
  • 2013 Memphis Derby Champion
  • 2009 Reserve NCHA Futurity Champion

Top Three Horses Trained

  • Yadacat
  • Jae Bar One Time
  • Suen You Will See

How I got started: My cousin was working for Kenneth Galyean, when I was 13 and we went and rode his cutting horses when he wasn’t home. I was hooked. From 16 onwards I started all types of colts for the public and worked all the horses on any animal I could find even though none of them were going to be cutting horses. In 1998 I finally decided to quit my landscaping job in Missouri and bought 80 acres to start training cutting horses. I have never worked for a trainer but I bought every video out there like Matt Gaines and Paul Hansma, and would go to the practice pen at every cutting and study all of the good guys. Larry Bilow and Donnie O’Brien helped me initially.

Biggest mistake I’ve made in cutting: I got mad at my wife (Jennifer) in the practice pen one day and she stopped and said “I believe I’m your only turnback help” and stepped off her horse threw the reins at me and went to the house. I have never been mad at my turnback help since.

Biggest myth about cutting: That it’s easy. You’ve got to have a lot of things come together on the day to win.

Favorite quote: “Proper preparation prevents piss poor performance.” – military saying

Most memorable moment in cutting: Being second at the 2009 NCHA Futurity because it was the 4th time I had shown there.

Training philosophy: Get up with a clear mind everyday and hold no grudges. Work harder and smarter than anyone else.

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