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Preview: Michael Cooper How To Cut Cattle

Making smooth cuts is key to a great run. In this three part series Michael focus’s on three key issues: 1. How to cut shape 2. How to position the cow you want to cut to be in the right place 3. How to see if the cow you want to cut is any good as you’re in the herd.

Categories: Showing, Herdwork.
Part 1
Michael demonstrates how to neck rein more effectively by riding with your legs and he shows you how to get control of your horse's shoulders. Not just his head and neck. He also explains how to cut shape and gives you a great tip on how to slow your mind down during the cut.
Part 2
Find out what the common mistake is, we all make when cutting our cattle! Michael also reveals a great secret he and Jesse Lennox use when they are in the herd feeling their cows.
Part 3
Having the patience and confidence to position a cow on the outside of the herd so it is easier to cut can be daunting! Well Michael gives you great tips on how to do this and he demonstrates why cutting a cow that is underneath you is difficult and puts you at a dis-advantage with the cow.
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How I got started: My cousin was working for Kenneth Galyean, when I was 13 and we went and rode his cutting horses when he wasn’t home.
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