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Preview: Dr. Duren & Dr. Trotter : Importance of Nutrition

Renowned equine experts Dr Stephen Duren and Dr Gayle Trotter talk about the keys to horse health through nutrition. They dispel a number of myths and explain how nutrition is the most important factor in a horse’s wellbeing. They discuss ways to ensure you get the best nutrition for your horse without wasting money on supplements your horse doesn’t need.
In this important 3-part series, these leading researchers reveal:
The crucial areas many vets ignore when it comes to horse health
How a lack of fitness in cutting horses leads to injury
Why it’s essential to know exactly what’s in your forage
How nutrient levels in hay has dropped dramatically in recent years and what to do about it
The key minerals horses need in their diet
Why there’s a trend in Texas for cutters to buy what’s popular rather than what their horse actually needs
Why horses in Australia suffer a much higher incidence of colic and ulcers than other countries and how to avoid them
plus much, much more….

Part 1
Dr Trotter talks about the two most important areas of health for horses that many vets ignore. He explains how the lack of fitness in horses causes a high rate of injuries. Then Dr Duren goes on to explain why it's crucial to know exactly what's in your forage and how to find out.
Part 2
Dr Duren reveals the most essential nutrients and minerals you need to ensure your horse is getting. He explains why today's hay is much lower in nutritional integrity than even 15 years ago and how to improve it. He says there is a lot of pressure in Texas to feed cutting horses what's popular in supplements rather finding out what horses actually need.
Part 3
Dr Duren explains the importance of studying your horse's manure and the difference in feed pellets. He also reveals horses in Australia have a much higher incidence of colic and ulcers and how this can easily be avoided.
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