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Preview: Bits And Bridles Explained, With Master Bit Maker Jim Edwards And Grant Setnicka!

Jim Edwards designs bits from the horse’s point of view! Find out why he believes snaffles and low port bits can be more severe than big ported bridles. Jim and Grant Setnicka explain what the function of Ports on bridles are intended for and how a slight angle change on a mouthpiece can make a world of difference to the horse! Great three part video series, very educational.

Categories: Outside the Arena, Tack.
Part 1
Jim explains the biggest misnomer about snaffles and low ported bits. He also says that the severity of the port on a bridle relates to the angle of the port with the bars! Find out about tongue relief and why rollers were put on bridles.
Part 2
Grant shows you two identical looking bridles, but there is a subtle difference that will surprise you and your horse. Grant also shows you what bits he use's as his horse's progress in their training program.
Part 3
Find out what type of steel a well balanced bit is made out of and what the biggest changes in bit making Jim has seen over the past 30 years. Grant discusses Hackamores and he explains why Jim's prong bit is not severe on a horse's mouth.
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How I got started: I grew up with my first passion, team roping. After a spell in the reined cow horse industry I started cutting when I got the job at Black Rock Ranch. I’ve never worked for a cutting horse trainer but learned from older horses that Marshall Chesrown purchased.
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