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Preview: Andrew Coates: How To Work A Horse Without A Bridle

If your horse has lost connection with the cow or flag then maybe you need to experiment with taking the bridle off your horse and use a neck collar. Andrew explains how this training tool gives the horse freedom with their head and neck and allows for the natural flow of a horses front end and to cow up

Categories: Advanced, Training.
Part 1
Andrew demonstrates how to introduce the neck collar to your horse so you can work them without a bridle. He shows you how to hold the reins with the neck collar and the two vital exercises you need to have on your horses before you introduce a neck collar.
Part 2
Andrew works a horse without a bridle and explains how it gives a horse freedom with their head and neck allowing them to cow up and take their mind off you. Working a horse like this really helps clean their shoulders up whilst keeping their body under control with your feet.
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How I got started: I went to work for Graham Amos (Mouse) when I was 15. Then I went to work for Donald Gunn and that’s really where I learned how to show. After that I came to the states and worked for Gary Gonzales in ‘95. I then went to train for Joe Montana for four years.