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Member Spotlight: Nancy Hyser

June 25th, 2018 by Simone Cobb

Member Spotlight: Nancy Hyser – Rockford, IL

Nancy Hyser

Nancy Hyser

What started out as team pinning friends looking at horses ended up with Nancy Hyser getting her first cutting horse and gaining a lifelong passion for the sport.

“It’s all about the competitiveness and the strive for doing better,” Hyser said. “There’s always something that happens that pushes you further. The horses are incredible and athletic-it’s great just sitting up on one.”

While Hyser has now been cutting for 18 years, she says her biggest accomplishment is her medallion from the Quarter Horse Congress in the 35,000 Non-Pro. This year she is continuing to show in the non-pro and her goal is to stay in the top 5 in the affiliate.

Hyser believes that cutting is a partnership between the horse and rider, each contributing to do their part and says she is most proud of her development over the last two years of getting the cow in front of her horse. Hyser is continuing to focus her efforts and is planning on showing two horses later this month.

“CHTO helps me get focused to do my job; many of the videos has really helped me with my plus points working the herd.”

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