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Age: 44
From: Oakey, Qld Australia
Phone: +61 428 458 641

Todd Graham

Money Won

$2,081,000 (Highest-ever money earner in Aust)


  • Aust NCHA Futurity Open Champion x5
  • Aust NCHA Derby Open Champion x8
  • Aust NCHA Classic Open Champion x2

Top Three Horses Trained

  • One More Spin
  • Triple Spin
  • No More One More

How I got started: As kids we went to pony club (4H) and western pleasure. But we got bored with that and we saw cutting at the world show and decided to have a go. I attended Kathy Daughn clinics here in Australia and was fortunate enough to spend three months working for her in 1990. Kathy helped me understand that you have to be able to get all horses trained, not just the good ones.

Biggest mistake I’ve made in cutting: Many times I tried chipping my third cow when I had a good run put together and it didn’t work out! I should have stopped, taken a deep breath and then cut. When I’ve tried to get more out of our horse then what he can possibly do.

Biggest myth about cutting: That it’s easy. It’s a long, hard road with a lot of try and you’re not going to train one in a couple of months.

Favorite quote: “To drive up.” When I don’t do very well at a cutting it’s usually because I didn’t drive up far enough in my cuts.

Most memorable moment in cutting: Equaling the world record score with Lindy Burch in 2001 on One More Spin in the Tamworth Gold Cup because the cattle were tough and fast. And all five Futurity wins have been special.

Training philosophy: Do what the cow does! Go as fast as the cow or as slow as the cow and if you do that consistently, your horse will get comfortable being in the right spot on the cow.

  • Upcoming Events

    Aug 07

    Tarin Rice Cutting Horse Clinic

    August 7 - August 8