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Preview: Todd Graham: How To Cow Your Horse Up

Todd produces a very expressive and cow smart cutting horse. In these two videos he reveals how he works without a turnback person and steps to a cows hip to teach a horse about the cow. He also explains when to let your horse cow up when working cattle and when to correct him.

Categories: Training, Beginners.
Part 1
Todd produces a very cowy horse with lots of expression! In this video Todd reveals how he cows his horse's up. He explains that working around without a turnback person and stepping up to the hip of the cow will help tighten a horse up on a cow. This is an exercise we can all do at home by ourselves.
Part 2
Todd explains when to let your horse cow up and when to help your horse stay correct when working cattle. He also explains how he rides with his feet and why tie-downs are used for shortening a horse, not for keeping there heads down.
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How I got started: As kids we went to pony club (4H) and western pleasure. But we got bored with that and we saw cutting at the world show and decided to have a go.