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Preview: Michael Cooper Clinic: Have all of your questions answered!

This great three part series gives you an in-sight into Michael Coopers success. He helps clinic participants with issues such as: how to control your nerves, how to you control your cow, how to sit your stop and how to use your thumb to make better cuts.

Categories: Training, Beginners.
Part 1
Michael explains what causes us to be short one way and long the other way when working a cow and how to control your nerves by blocking everything out around you.
Part 2
We all know we have to use our feet on a cutting horse but do you know when to use them? Michael explains the importace of your feet and how not to get tunnel vision when cutting your cow.
Part 3
Find out what it means when your trainer says sit the stop and how do you control cattle once you have your hand down.
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Trainers in this Video

How I got started: My cousin was working for Kenneth Galyean, when I was 13 and we went and rode his cutting horses when he wasn’t home.
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