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Preview: Mental Toughness And Showmanship With Bill Freeman

‘ In the Amateur and Non-Pro, ninety percent of the class beat themselves! You’re only competeing against ten percent that you have to out show,’ says Bill. In this great three part video series Bill explains to clinic participants how to become mentally tough and to out show the rest.

Part 1
Bill explains how to get prepared mentally and that you have two and a half minutes not to beat yourself and he explains how to give the judges something to mark! Bill also explains a lot of the problems for competitors begins in there shoulders! Find out why.
Part 2
Bill explains the absolute worst thing you can do that the judge DOES NOT want to see! He also explains how to control anxiety as a competitor and how to enter the herd if your early in the set.
Part 3
Bill demonstrates subtle ways you can tune your horse as you are competeing. He also explains that, ' this sport is not complicated. So don't make it!'
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