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Preview: How To Pick A Good Cow: Steve Oehlhoff and Jonathan Rogers Take The Mystery Out Of Picking Good Cattle!

Jonathan Rogers and Steve Oehlhof show you exactly what to look for when trying to pick good cattle to cut. They give you a very in depth analagy of the cattle and they identify what cattle wouldn’t be good to cut and why. The most important thing they both keep re-iterateing is to watch how each cow responds to the herd settler as he walks towards or passed them.

Categories: Showing, Herdwork.
Part 1
Jonathan and Steve explain how they organize their cow list and they identify what sought of reaction they are looking for from the good cattle as the herd settler walks towards or passed them.
Part 2
They explain why some trainers prefer colored cattle versus black cattle and they discuss why getting a cow that is comfortable walking on the outside of the herd is desireable.
Part 3
We all feel that drawing deep in the herd is a huge dis-advantage. Well both Steve and Jonathan explain why it can be an advantage.
Part 4
Austin Shepard is the first competitor in this set of cattle and watch to see which cows he picks to score his 220 to make the final of the NCHA Derby.
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How I got started: I used to trade horses and when I was 21, I saw a nice horse in a pasture. So I called in to see if it was for sale at Tim Bowens. It was a cutting horse. It felt great, and that horse would help me learn.
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