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Preview: Grant Setnicka & Tyson Benson. Making The Transition From Cow-Horse Training To Cutting!

Tyson Benson has spent most of his career in the cow-horse business working with million dollar trainers such as Corey Cushing and now he heads the Highbrow Cat Syndicate two year old program under the watchful eye of NCHA Hall Of Fame trainer Grant Setnicka. They discuss the difference’s between the disciplines and they address particular issues with horse’s as they work two year olds.

Categories: Advanced, Training.
Part 1
Grant and Tyson discuss the changes you have to make in your program when training cutting horse's.Tyson shows you the first exercise you need to do to get a horse soft. He also demonstrates how he warms a young horse up before he works them on cattle.
Part 2
Tyson explains what he does if he is struggling with a tough horse and why you have to think outside the box when you're struggling with a tough horse. Grant gives Tyson a great tip on how to get a stiff horse soft by using the cow.
Part 3
Tyson demonstrates the type of body control you need to have on a young horse to help the horse become the best athlete he can possible be. He also talks about why you can't have the hip of the horse up into the cow too much whilst they are young,
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How I got started: I grew up with my first passion, team roping. After a spell in the reined cow horse industry I started cutting when I got the job at Black Rock Ranch. I’ve never worked for a cutting horse trainer but learned from older horses that Marshall Chesrown purchased.
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