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Preview: Dr. Duren : Keys to a Balanced Diet

Dr Stephen Duren gives us plenty of food for thought in this interview on equine nutrition and cutting horses. Some of the dietary challenges covered here include:
* What percentage of a horse’s body weight should it eat in pounds of feed each day?
* What does a balanced diet consist of?
* How to avoid ulcers?
* Why is a hay analysis so important?
* What is better than grain to help a horse gain weight?
* How and when to supplement?

Part 1
Dr Duren begins by explaining how a horse's digestive system works. He also goes into what a balanced diet consists of as well how to avoid ulcers in your horse.
Part 2
In part 2, Dr Duren goes into further explanation of how diet affects everything from breeding, to development, training and performance of the horse. He explains how to and when to supplement.
Part 3
Dr Duren explores how diet can affect the behaviour of a horse and shares some tips that could save on loping time.
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