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Preview: Corey Cushing: How To Teach A Horse To Stop

The stop is one of the most important things we can ask from a horse says Corey. In this first two part video series with Corey you will learn:
* Why the stop is about accepting your hands and getting them to shuffle their feet behind
* Yes you want them soft but soft is not about having their chin on their chest
* Why you have to be pushing forward to teach the stop
* Don’t worry if they are a little rude in the face in the beginning
* Why you don’t stop a horse and then ride forward again
* Corey demonstrates what drills he does to help a horse stop
* Why a horse may be stopping on his front end
* Why collection is about controlling the body, not bend in the neck

Part 1
Corey demonstrates how to get a horse to accept your hands and shuffle his feet behind. Corey wants to always be pushing his horses forward and doesn't like to ride forward after stopping because its a contradiction of what you were just trying to teach them.
Part 2
Corey talks about what collection is to him and that it's not about having your horses chin on his chest! It's about having control of the horses body whilst riding forward.
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How I got started: I grew up riding horses my whole life. I worked for a lot of reining horse trainers and as time went on I started doing reined cow horses.
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