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Age: 36
From: Glen Innes, NSW Australia
Phone: +61 417-703-304

Phil Dawson

Money Won



  • Australian NCHA Classic Champion x3 (2013,2009,2010)
  • Multiple NCHA Futurity Finalist
  • 2013 Australian NCHA Futurity Champion: Foo-liscious
  • 2008 Australian NCHA Derby Champion: Reynstorm

Top Three Horses Trained

  • Metallic Moon
  • Prestige Cat
  • Dreamchaser

How I got started in cutting: Dad was always interested in cutting but never competed. We used to go watch the Futurity at Tamworth every year and I guess that planted the seed. After I finished at Longreach Agricultural College, I rode reiners as a non-pro for two years and that helped me learn more about getting a horse broke. I worked in a Feedlot at Chinchilla, Qld for 18 months which was managed by a good non-pro trainer Roger Elliot. Todd Graham would come down and work and I’d watch him. I then worked for both Todd and Kathy Daughn between 1999 and 2002 travelling to and from the States. In 2003, I moved down to Victoria and trained for the public under Aaron Wheatley who has helped me immensely.

Biggest mistake I’ve made in cutting: Not going to University so I could pay someone to train horses for me.

Biggest myth about cutting: That you can buy a young horse and learn how to cut together.

Favorite quote: “You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.” (In reference to training horses)

Most memorable moment in cutting: My first NCHA Futurity final in 2003 and winning my first aged event on Dreamchaser because it gave me the self belief I could train and be competitive.

Training philosophy: Train a horse to be mistake free. It’s about showing the judges you have done the least wrong compared to your competitors.

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