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Age: 32
From: Weatherford, TX
Phone: (940) 256-3758

Hunter Meinzer


  • 2014 Highest-priced horse sold at the NCHA Futurity 2-yr-old sale

Top Three Horses Trained

  • Reydirkulous
  • CD Highlights

How I got started: I cowboyed and started colts out in West Texas for Ranches such as Tongue River, Pitchfork, and Moorhouse. In 2002/03 I went to California and worked for Ken Wold and Sandy Collier doing cow horse stuff. I then did my own deal in Benjamin, Tx for two years starting colts for the public. In 2006/07, I moved to North Carolina and worked for Jeffrey Mathews starting all his colts and I travelled between his place and Bar H at Weatherford, Tx where Paul Hansma helped me. I worked at Marvine ranch for 18 months and in 2012 I started my own deal training for the public in Weatherford, TX.

Biggest mistake I’ve made in cutting: I wished I could show more because then I would not be labelled only as a 2 year old guy.

Biggest myth about cutting: That training horses is this glamorous lifestyle. It has glamorous moments however the overall day to day grind and stress takes its toll physically and mentally on the trainers.

Favorite quote: “You Can’t Handle The Truth.” – Jack Nicholson, A few Good Men

Most memorable moment in cutting: Putting Reydirkulous through the NCHA Futurity 2-yr-old sale, where he bought $150,000.

Training Philosophy: Consistency, rise and grind.

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