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Preview: How To Create A Pretty Picture For The Judges with Matt Gaines

It all starts with that cut and you must focus on being in position with that cow. This is the mantra Matt repeats as he helps clinic participants work their horse’s in a show situation. In these three videos you will learn how to make clean cuts, how to make sure the cow you cut sees you before you put your hand down and don’t let the cow control you right from the start.

Part 1
Matt identifies what it takes to present a pretty picture to the judges. He wants to see people control the cow as soon as you make your cut and once you're cutting be sure to wait on the cow to move your horse. The first horse is a little forward in his turns and Matt explains how to fix that.
Part 2
In part two Matt explains how to get a cow to see you before you cut her and why that is important to controlling her once your hand is down. He also wants to see participants stay in the right position on the cow by guideing with your feet instead of suddenly over correcting with a big kick.
Part 3
Matt explains where and what to focus on when you're working the cow. By focusing on this and having that target Matt says everything else will begin to soften and won't become so difficult.
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Trainers in this Video

How I got started: Helping my dad. (Matt was a highly successful non-pro competitor before turning professional.) Biggest mistake I’ve made in cutting: I honestly don’t believe I’ve made any big mistakes.
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