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Preview: Kate Neubert: Colt Starting

Kate gives a young filly her first ride. She explains why she uses a flag to push a horse around in the round pen and how that helps her understand the horses mind. In this three part video series you will find out why you don’t want to desensitize horses too much, how to create bend from the ground and how you use a horse’s forward momentum to help you.

Categories: Training, Two Year Olds.
Part 1
Ground work, Kate demonstrates how she uses the flag to desensitize a horse and why you need forward momentum to help you start a young horse. She explains how she gets bend from the ground and how to get inside a horses mind. Kate also explains why over desensitizing is the biggest mistake people make.
Part 2
First saddling. Kate saddles the filly and she explains why she lets her go to help her accept the saddle versus lunging her.
Part 3
First ride. Kate shows you how she gets lateral bend and why you need it through out the training process. She also explains why she skipped a few steps on this filly when starting her because of her lack of forward momentum.
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Trainers in this Video

Kate has an extraordinary feel for young horses and recently she won the Jack Brainard Horsemanship award at the 2017  Road To The Horse colt starting competition. Kate grew up in Northern California riding, roping and starting a variety of horses with father, Bryan Neubert.
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