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Preview: How To Fit A Saddle With Master Saddler Calvin Allen.

Master Saddler Calvin Allen has been making cutting horse saddles for four decades. Not only that, he’s been a cutting horse competitor, so he knows exactly how the saddle should fit the person, fit the horse and fit the performance. Calvin explains the biggest mistake most people make when buying a saddle, plus gives countless tips on how to be sure you get the right saddle for you. he also talks about what he learned from Buster Welch when it comes to making a good cutting saddle and shares a few gems on how to ride a cutting horse.

Categories: Outside the Arena, Tack. • Tags: horn, riding, saddle, tack.
Part 1
In part one, Calvin explains where most people go wrong when buying a saddle. He talks about the different parts of the saddle and why fitting the saddle to yourself is more important than fitting it to your horse. He also shares what he learned about saddles, like using the horn from Buster Welch.
Part 2
In Part 2, Calvin explains the benefits of custom made saddles versus factory made. He also gives some great riding tips and reveals why it's better to have a saddle that's too big than too small.
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