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Preview: Dr Gayle Trotter: Identifying Hock Issues

What is the biggest worry most cutters carry? Lameness of their show horse. It’s the most common reason that keeps horses out of the show pen. And the most common reason cutting horses go lame are issues with the hock. The hock is under a lot of pressure in the sand with a rider on top, turning left and right in a split second as the horse attempts to mirror that cow. To help us identify when a horse is lame, and what could be causing that lameness, Dr Gayle Trotter explains what to look for and how to use flexion tests to help identify the problem. In this two-part video he examines a mare with soreness in her left hind leg.

Categories: Horse Care, Farriers & Soundness. • Tags: hocks, vet, lameness.
Part 1
Dr Gayle Trotter examines a four year old mare that is lame and begins his process of deduction to pinpoint the soreness.
Part 2
Part Two continues the examination of the mare by Dr Trotter. He demonstrates how to conduct different flexion tests.
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