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Age: 60
From: Granum, Alberta Canada
Phone: (403) 625-0122

Gerry Hansma

Money Won



  • Open Champion Western Finals x3
  • Canadian Futurity Champion x5
  • Open Horse Canadian Champion x2
  • Novice Horse Canadian Champion x3

Top Three Horses Trained

  • Caught Me Looking
  • Genuine Sand flake
  • Cataduala

How I got started: We’ve always been into horses, we did a lot in the 4H and youth quarter horse. Then we started playing around with working cow horses and we gravitated to cutting. Winston and Paul went south, I stayed here and went to some clinics and trainers like Bill Riddle and then learnt from fellow trainers.

Biggest mistake I’ve made in cutting: Probably my biggest thing for me is I’m a little old school at times and catch myself not bringing my young horses along fast enough. I probably worry too much about the horse and his soundness and his mental frame of mind.

Biggest myth about cutting: That a well bred horse trains himself. You have to work just as hard on well bred horses versus not well bred.

Favorite quote: “Never, ever, ever give up.”

Most memorable moment: My first Canadian Futurity win in 1988. And winning my first Open Western Finals Championship.

Training philosophy: I like to start them early and not pressure them too much. You never know how good they are going to be. They all start knowing nothing and it’s our job to develop that and teach that.

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