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Age: 50
From: Noxapater, MS
Phone: (662) 803-3391

Allen Crouch

Money Won



  • NCHA Futurity Finalist x3
  • NCHA World Champion 2001, 2002
  • 2005 NCHA Reserve World Champion
  • Multiple Aged Event Finalist

Top Three Horses Trained

  • The Silver Spoon
  • Harriott Playgirl
  • Show Biz Pep

How I got started: When I was 7 years old, my mother’s house in Ledbetter Kentucky was next to a cutting horse operation run by Ronnie Titsworth. I would just hang out and was always in the way. Eventually they let me lead the horses on foot to cool them down because I was too small to get on the horses. Finally I was able to show a turnback horse and for 3 years I scored 60s and zeros. Eventually I asked Mr Ronnie “can I please show a better horse” and he said “kid, when you score a 70 on that old turnback horse then you can show a better horse.” But then the horse coliced and died! I didn’t score the 70 but I learnt how to show!

Biggest mistake I’ve made in cutting: Thinking I could do it on my own! You need to be around successful people in your industry to help you become the best. Biggest myth about cutting: You don’t need to be a millionaire to cut. You need to learn what level you want to compete at to have fun.

Favorite quote: “When judges mistake activity for achievement.”

Most memorable moment in cutting: Winning the World Finals back-to-back in 2001 and 2002 on Harriott Playgirl. Making the Futurity  nal on The Silver Spoon because that put me into the Hall of Fame.

Training Philosophy: Anytime you train a horse, the less you have to do, the more you really have.

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    Aug 07

    Tarin Rice Cutting Horse Clinic

    August 7 - August 8