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Preview: Morgan Cromer: Exercise for Making Cuts

This great exercise will help you cut your cows in the middle of the pen at the walk. Morgan gave a great Clinic at Caldwell Idaho put on by Boise Valley Cutting Horse Association, where she focused on perfecting your cuts in one of her sessions. Watch the clinic participants accomplish this easy drill that can be done at home and will help you with –
* How to use the herd to control your cow.
* How to drive that cow to the centre of the pen.
* Where to push on a cow to control it in the cut.
* Make sure the cow your cutting has seen you before she is cut
* Plus lots more

Part 1
Morgan explains the exercise and how it helps improve your cuts. She constantly emphasizes that you have 'Got To Go Forward' to make your cuts. She also talks about using the herd as a lure to help drive your cow to the right spot.
Part 2
Watch more clinic participants execute this great drill. Morgan talks about how its important to be patient, not to get in a hurry and try not to jump at your cow to get them cut..
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How I got started: When I was 11 years old, I had some family friends Carlos and Kathy Fandino that owned some horses with Russ Westfall. They let me ride my first cutting horse (I used to ride hunter jumpers beforehand!). He was a Docs Oak gelding named Acorn Chex.
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