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January 25th, 2017 by Simone Cobb

A champion siring champions

With 65 Champions & Reserve Champions in 2014, no Stallion in NCHA history has sired more champions and reserves from a single foal crop (4- year-olds) in a single year. Offspring Earnings for the stud now total over $5.7 million. High Brow CD is owned by Chris & Staci Thibodeaux based at Grace Ranch in Jennings, LA. The stud stands at ESMS Equine Reproduction Center at Weatherford.

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NCHA Horse Of The Year Sire
A 2015 NCHA Leading Sire (Since 2012)
2007 NCHA Open Futurity Champion
2008 NCHA Open Super Stakes Co-Champion
2008 Augusta 4-Year-Old Open Futurity Champion
2008 Tunica 4-Year-Old Open Futurity Champion
2008 Brazos Bash Open Derby Champion;
2008 Music City Open Derby Champion
2008 Southern Open Derby Reserve Champion
2008 NCHA Horse of the Year
2008 NCHA Hall of Fame
2009 Music City Open Classic Co-Reserve Champion
2011 Champions Cup Co-Champion
2014 Million Dollar Sire

High Brow CD Offspring Earnings

Horse Color Sex Dam Year Foaled Total LTE
Reyzin Bay Mare Miss Reycine 2009 $356,286.00
Some Kinda Highbrow Sorrel Gelding Some Kinda Memories 2010 $212,223.00
Highbrow Time Sorrel Stallion One Time Soon 2010 $163,980.00
Sweet Lil Amanda Grey Mare Amanda Stargun 2011 $146,036.00
Rubys CD Sorrel Stallion Playboys Ruby 2010 $142,809.00
What About Blue Bay Roan Stallion Swingin Star Pepto 2010 $123,976.00
Little Dirty Deeds Bay Mare Little Dirty Dancer 2010 $107,870.00
Cat Sheree Sorrel Mare Nurse Sheree 2010 $102,301.00
Big Daddys CD Sorrel Gelding Snazzy Easter Bunny 2010 $100,502.00
CD Kual Gun Sorrel Stallion Kual Gun 2010 $89,336.00
High Brow Sheree Sorrel Mare Nurse Sheree 2010 $80,040.00
Ms Regret Sorrel Mare Peptos Stylish Miss 2010 $75,823.00
TF High Chex CD Bay Mare Tawny B Chex 2011 $75,543.00
High Brow CD Deuce Sorrel Gelding WJ Pretty In Pink 2010 $75,078.00
Sassy Lil Sue Red Roan Mare Peptos Stylish Sue 2010 $72,452.00
Amandas CD Sorrel Mare Amanda Stargun 2012 $68,895.00
Elseware Bay Mare Readytoware 2010 $68,479.00
Bueno Chex Madi Bay Mare Bueno Chex Dually 2009 $67,888.00
Cow Scents Bay Stallion Chiquita Shorty 2010 $64,176.00
SDP Moms CD Bay Mare Playboys Mom 2010 $63,269.00
High Cash Gal Sorrel Mare Spookys Got 2011 $62,971.00
Wendels Grace Sorrel Mare MH San Tules Dually 2011 $61,068.00
Kual CD Sorrel Gelding Kual Gun 2010 $58,009.00
Sweet Lil Sue Red Roan Mare Peptos Stylish Sue 2010 $56,816.00
Swanky Smart Sorrel Mare Spooks Smarty 2011 $55,922.00
Circle S Sorrel Stallion MH San Tules Dually 2010 $55,148.00
Wen N Chex Sorrel Stallion Bueno Chex Dually 2010 $52,335.00
Stars And Cats Sorrel Mare Playguns Star 2011 $48,117.00
To High For Sue Sorrel Mare Merads Little Sue 2009 $44,849.00
CD Stylish Girl Sorrel Mare Stylish Top Girl 2010 $43,645.00
Shady Lil CD Sorrel Mare Shady Lil Aristocrat 2011 $39,014.00
Catamus Maximus Red Roan Stallion Carolena Moon 2009 $35,368.00
Highbrow Silk N Lace Sorrel Stallion Sanjo Silk N Lace 2010 $34,648.00
Maxium Royal Flush Bay Mare Chulas Merada 2011 $34,508.00
Footloose Gal Bay Mare Quejanapep 2011 $33,456.00
Playful Highbrow CD Sorrel Gelding Playful Ricochet 2010 $29,907.00
Cajun Grace Red Roan Mare Pepto Olenas Dually 2010 $29,870.00
Kual Lil CD Sorrel Mare Kual Gun 2011 $29,651.00
CD Highlight Sorrel Stallion Go Little Starlight 2012 $29,461.00
Galleta Cat Sorrel Mare Play Peek A Boon 2010 $29,296.00
Theheartbreakkidd Sorrel Stallion Spookys Smarty Spants 2012 $28,629.00
Wendels Little Missy Sorrel Mare Justa Lil Freck 2012 $28,313.00
Galatoire Cat Sorrel Gelding Tap O Lena 2009 $27,757.00
Madre Amore Sorrel Mare Tap O Lena 2012 $27,711.00
Betrus Red Roan Mare Bet Yer Blue Boons 2010 $27,057.00
Tearjerker Sorrel Stallion Widows Tears 2010 $26,732.00
Boudin Cat Sorrel Gelding MH Quixote Plays 2010 $26,617.00
Pamshighbrowcd Sorrel Stallion Pamalaboonsmal 2010 $26,195.00
Desires Wendel Sorrel Stallion Desire Some Freckles 2010 $25,000.00
Shorta CD Sorrel Gelding Cheyannes Shoty 2012 $23,908.00
False Bravado Bay Gelding Shakin Flo 2010 $23,341.00
Lil Starlight Cd Sorrel Mare Lil Missy Starlight 2010 $23,128.00
Doctor Love Sorrel Stallion Nurse Gray 2010 $21,342.00
High Priced Jewel Sorrel Mare Pretty Jewels 2010 $20,867.00
Juice In The Goose Sorrel Mare Reylena Moon 2011 $19,227.00
High Five CD Bay Gelding Pretty Jewels 2010 $17,788.00
High CD Bunny Sorrel Mare Snazzy Easter Bunny 2011 $16,779.00
Ausdun Shepard Sorrel Gelding RC Boon Bar 2010 $16,659.00
Lil Ms Twinkles Sorrel Mare Lil Foxie Starlight 2010 $14,312.00
Cee Dee Starz Sorrel Stallion Betsy Lena Star 2010 $13,894.00
Dual Platinum CD Sorrel Mare Miss Peppy Dual 2012 $13,816.00
Luv Handles Chestnut Mare Smart Love 2010 $12,790.00
Too Highbrow Sorrel Mare Highbrow Supercat 2010 $12,646.00
Shes Not Smokin Sorrel Mare Smokin Pepto 2012 $12,491.00
High Brow Clay 012 Sorrel Stallion Cash N Scooter 2012 $12,000.00
LHT Bella Rose Sorrel Mare Belle Star Playgirl 2010 $11,991.00
CD Yall Love Lucy Sorrel Mare PF Docs Med 2011 $11,987.00
Tweak N CD Sorrel Stallion Manzanas Tweak 2011 $11,971.00
Hi Hill Bud Sorrel Sorrel Roses To Rubies 2011 $11,257.00
Peptos Noble Cat Sorrel Stallion Best Laid Plans 2010 $11,188.00
Nurse Wendy Sorrel Mare Nurse Gray 2010 $10,969.00
Sheza Dualin CD Sorrel Mare Peptos Olenas Dually 2011 $10,268.00
Hi Hill Eva Sorrel Mare Evalita 2010 $10,054.00
Wendels Player Sorrel Stallion Playin Tag 2011 $9,251.00
CD Canduit Sorrel Mare Candualena 2012 $9,193.00
Dunn Dreamin Sorrel Mare Dreams Of Oak 2012 $9,087.00
Mr Austintatious Bay Gelding Peptacular 2009 $8,618.00
Dun Playin My CD Dun Stallion Dun Playmate 2011 $8,237.00
Hi Brow Duce Sorrel Stallion RPL Smart Lil Jewel 2010 $8,210.00
Shes A Smokin CD Sorrel Mare Smokin Pepto 2010 $8,138.00
Mountain Music CD Sorrel Stallion QT Pepto 2012 $8,000.00
This Kitty Sparkles Sorrel Mare Kitty Oak 2010 $7,477.00
Go Little High Brow Sorrel Gelding Go Little Starlight 2011 $7,237.00
CD Last Pudden Bay Gelding Pudden Freckles 2012 $7,176.00
Lady Wendel Sorrel Mare MH Short Lena Ultimo 2010 $7,113.00
CDS Starlight Sorrel Gelding Nurse Gray 2011 $7,034.00
Nitros High C Sorrel Stallion Nitros Cutter 2010 $6,834.00
Wendee Sorrel Mare Duals Little Missy 2010 $6,672.00
Twice The Ride Sorrel Gelding Tapt Twice 2009 $6,397.00
Ruby Delite Sorrel Mare Playboys Ruby 2009 $6,329.00
I Be Yer Huckleberry Sorrel Stallion Quejanamia 2010 $6,225.00
Wendels Play Kit Sorrel Gelding Duals Play Kit 2011 $6,045.00
CDS Pepto Gal Sorrel Mare Little Pepto Gal 2010 $5,962.00
Waving Flag Sorrel Mare Shesa Squall 2010 $5,862.00
Highbrowcd Is Playin Sorrel Mare Playing Lucinda 2011 $5,787.00
Raized High Brow Sorrel Mare Swingin Star Pepto 2012 $5,160.00
Miss Da Meanor Bay Mare Travalin Dreamweaver 2011 $5,148.00
CD Sparkles Bay Mare Marmosets 2010 $4,862.00
Wendels Bowman Sorrel Gelding Snazzy Easter Bunny 2011 $4,835.00
Super High Brow CD Sorrel Stallion Sprats Ethel 2011 $4,725.00
CD Swinging Jane Sorrel Mare Justa Swinging Jane 2011 $4,514.00
Highbrows So Smart Sorrel Gelding Bunnys So Smart 2010 $4,331.00
Hesa CD Maker Sorrel Stallion Lil Lady Playmaker 2010 $4,106.00
Catonthebayou Sorrel Stallion KD Shorty 2010 $3,913.00
Twice The Bet Sorrel Mare Bet Twice 002 2012 $3,913.00
Nurse Grace Sorrel Mare Nuse Moss 2009 $3,785.00
Highbrow Clark Kent Sorrel Stallion Clarks Royal 2010 $3,389.00
CD Stylin Sue Sorrel Mare Styin Little Sue 2011 $3,367.00
Highbrows Dually Sorrel Mare Pepto Olenas Dually 2010 $3,189.00
Starfly High Sorrel Gelding Palyguns Star 2012 $2,995.00
Grace Kellie Roan Mare Marcellena 2009 $2,848.00
High Brow Cool Sorrel Mare Holly Starlight 2012 $2,802.00
Pit Boss Sorrel Stallion Ruby Tuesdays Color 2010 $2,644.00
Grace Anna Palomino Mare Shania Cee 2010 $2,621.00
CR Missy CD Sorrel Mare Merada Missy 2009 $2,608.00
CD Blue Sorrel Stallion Blue Leboon 2011 $2,558.00
High Life Delight Sorrel Mare Delight Of My Life 2010 $2,509.00
Browsmal Sorrel Stallion Blue Leboon 2010 $2,488.00
Wendelsgirl Sorrel Mare Playful Rosie 2010 $2,400.00
Sweet Lil Grace Roan Mare Royal Blue Dually 2009 $2,247.00
CD Huckleberry Rey Sorrel Stallion Miss Reycine 2009 $2,165.00
Southern Hickopep Sorrel Mare Fives Copy 2010 $2,069.00
Venom Wearin Denum Bay Mare Midnight Rondeevous 2010 $2,065.00
Wipe Your Brow Sorrel Stallion Peponitas Dinkky Doo 2009 $2,017.00
Boudreaxcat Sorrel Gelding MH Quixote Plays 2011 $1,949.00
Dr Wendell Sorrel Stallion Nurse Gray 2012 $1,929.00
Hoo Dat Cat Sorrel Stallion Shesa Smarty Lena 2010 $1,812.00
RN Sweet CD Viper Sorrel Mare Starlights Viper 2010 $1,701.00
High Brow Stressin Sorrel Mare Stressin 2011 $1,611.00
CD Cat Cut Sorrel Gelding Miss Splendid Kitty 2012 $1,580.00
Sweet Lil Kenzi Sorrel Mare Remedy For Sweets 2009 $1,580.00
Hi Rey Sorrel Mare Neverrey 2012 $1,465.00
High Brow Boudreaux Sorrel Stallion Smart Spare Tari 2010 $1,436.00
A Whittle CD Sorrel Mare A Whittle Widow 2011 $1,421.00
The Little Missus Bay Mare Moms Stylish Pepto 2011 $1,400.00
High Brow Peppy CD Sorrel Gelding Miss CD Peppy 2010 $1,167.00
CD Gracie Marie Sorrel Mare Dual Matrix 2011 $1,064.00
Double Mint Girl Sorrel Mare Sweet Lil Boo 2012 $1,050.00
CD Stylish Boy Sorrel Gelding Stylish Top Girl 2011 $1,001.00
SB Miss Lu High Sorrel Mare Tees Playin Girl 2011 $960.00
A Whittle Cat Sorrel Mare A Whittle Widow 2010 $940.00
High Brow Peggy Sorrel Mare Peponitas Dinkky Doo 2009 $935.00
Smart Lookin CD Sorrel Stallion The Smart Look 2010 $926.00
High Playn CD Sorrel Mare Play Barbie Doll 2010 $896.00
Wendel New Addition Sorrel Mare Play Barbie Doll 2012 $856.00
Patroan Sorrel Stallion Stylish Play Lena 2011 $851.00
Ruby Tuesdays CD Sorrel Gelding Ruby Tuesday 2009 $829.00
Highly Curly Sorrel Mare Curly Gray Hair 2010 $783.00
Rubys Double Bay Mare Rubys Rhapsody 2010 $645.00
Scarlet O Hara Sorrel Mare Rosie O Dually 2010 $621.00
Highrow CD Angel Sorrel Mare Reds Christmas Angel 2010 $570.00
Highbrow CD Angel Sorrel Mare Reds Christmas Angel 2010 $570.00
High CD Nurse Sorrel Mare Nurse Gray 2011 $564.00
CDS Highest Star Sorrel Gelding Go Little Starlight 2011 $492.00
Boomer CD Sorrel Stallion Kit Kandual 2010 $417.00
No Interest CD Sorrel Stallion Kit Kandual 2010 $407.00
John Cade Sorrel Stallion Keechi Pep 2010 $339.00
CD Lena Rey Sorrel Mare Widowlena Rey 2011 $334.00
The Mad Catter Sorrel Stallion Dulces Reyjay 2010 $249.00
Marmosets CD Sorrel Mare Marmosets Playgirl 2011 $235.00
High Secret CD Sorrel Gelding Foxies Secret 2010 $193.00
Cattasan Sorrel Stallion Peponinos Sis 2011 $134.00
Champagne Floin Sorrel Mare Touch N Flo 2010 $102.00
Precious Lil Cat Sorrel Mare Lil Liza Mecom 2010 $84.00
Short N Sweet Lena Sorrel Mare MH Short Lena Ultimo 2010 $82.00
Sweet Lil Ruby Sorrel Mare Playboys Ruby 2011 $60.00
Wendel Davis Sorrel Gelding Belle Star Playgirl 2011 $53.00
Total Offspring Earnings  



Partner Spotlight: Cole Agency offers Death, Theft and Surgery Insurance for Horses, Cattle and Dogs

July 28th, 2016 by ifi-kate

CHTO is delighted to work with Cole Agency for outstanding Horse, Cattle and Dog insurance coverage – a must for serious Cutting Horse enthusiasts. Please Call Cole Agency at  (622) 578-8300 or Visit: to learn more, and tell them CHTO sent you. Here’s a round up of information about available types of insurance.

cole_horse-300x199Horse Insurance

At Cole Agency we offer full mortality insurance for horses, which includes death and theft coverage on a broad perils basis including losses due to accident, injury, sickness disease, and emergency colic surgery expense ($3,000 included in your basic mortality policy). We write insurance through The Hartford, Praetorian, and Great American.
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